Is the training material available online?
All material required to complete one of our courses is available on our learning platform. We may however provide you with additional links to supplementary material that may assist you with your learning.
Are there online assessments available?
Yes there are online assessments built into your course. These must be completed in the stipulated timeframe in order for you to progress through the courses and successfully complete the course.
What if I have technical difficulties?
Our technical support team is available Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm to attend to all technical problems. You may contact them via the support email:
How do I interact with the facilitator?
You can interact with your facilitator via the site blog section of our e-learning portal. Any questions you may have can be answered here. Alternatively, you can email your facilitator on the following email address (
Are online courses self-paced or scheduled?
The courses we provide are mostly self-paced however there may be some compliance courses that require a scheduled timeframe. Please make sure you read the course preamble and take note of the timeframes of the course.
Are there specific login or online participation times?
No, you may log on to the portal at anytime to complete your course or interact with other participants, however please take note of the submission times for assignments and online assessments
What are the advantages of taking an online program through DMASA Academy?
Compliance – allows you to remain compliant with laws and regulations pertaining to your specific area of work
Convenience – allows you develop your career without leaving your place of work or home.
Flexibility – allows you to study at your own pace and in your own time, affording you the flexibility to manage personal and family commitments.
Affordability – our courses are cost effective in comparison with other providers and wont break the bank.
Can I interact with other students?
Yes this can also be done via the blog section of our e-learning platform.